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Present times have posed us with newer health related problems like knee pain, joint pain and many other orthopedic diseases that result from a myriad of reasons like lifestyle, longer life expectancy and occupational hazard of working in jobs which involve long time sitting in the same chair.

Dietary changes have also lead us in developing calcium deficiency as our food is not nutritiously rich and does not provide with good Calcium supply to make our bones and joints stronger.

Lifestyle changes also play a crucial role in bone health. Nowadays people spend much less time outside in the sunlight causing reduced exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D deficiency, which is crucial in production of Calcium inside our bodies.

Injury, accidents, hereditary and birth deformities also become a leading cause for orthopedic complexities and must be treated professionally for achieving better life and mobility in daily routine 


 Orthopedic Care 

Fortis Malar offers a range of advanced and superior Orthopedic Care in the following:

Fracture Care and Trauma Surgery –Fortis Malar stands as a global hub for the care of fractures and injuries of bones and joints that may arise from accidents or injury at work etc. in children and adults.

Joint Replacement and Arthritis – Joint replacement surgery has brought back mobility and quality life in many senior patients with its high rate of success resulting from long-standing expertise in Joint Replacement surgery.  We have specialist doctors and surgical procedures for hip and knee replacement.

Hand and Upper Extremity Conditions – Many young and old patients today come in with complaints of hand related pain. Such pain is most often seen in patients who are in the profession of IT, and type and use the keyboard for long hours every day.  We have state of the art Hand Surgery specializing in surgery of injuries, reconstruction for arthritic problems, relief of nerve compressive syndromes, and many more hand related complexities. 

Elbow Conditions – Many athletes and professionals in heavy lifting and strenuous jobs develop conditions affecting the elbow. Fortis Malar is equipped to provide world class surgery, post-surgical physiotherapy, and rehabilitation to patients with elbow conditions.

Knee Conditions – Knee conditions are no longer restricted to sports professionals, many senior citizens also walk in with acute knee pain arising from arthritis. We have the latest knee surgery and replacement procedures for patients from different walk of life.  Our orthopedic teams and surgeons ensure minimal hospital time and speed up recovery and walking for our patients with special rehabilitation programs.

Hip Conditions – Hip injuries that can arise from injury or degenerative process are treated with expertise and care by our orthopedic team who can address to any specific hip related condition help patients achieve normal lifestyle.

Shoulder Conditions – Shoulder injuries and problems can be complex in nature. Our orthopedic team has the expertise to operate on the shoulder joint and correct the intricate structure of muscles and ligaments to help the patients regain complete shoulder mobility.


Fortis Malar is committed to bringing the smile back in every patient’s face by providing superior and effective Trauma & Orthopedic Care with its team of Orthopedic Surgery Specialist and is considered as one of the Best Orthopedic Hospital in Chennai. We are dedicated to eradicating all your pain with superior patient care and patient-centric care.


Nutritional Deficiencies During Pregnancy

One of the most special and unique bonds is that of mother and child. The bond begins right at conception and continues to grow after the child is born. The unborn child is dependent on the mother in the womb for its nutrition and oxygen.

Pregnancy is an extremely important period in a new mother’s life. Everything the mother does impact the unborn fetus in the womb; so mothers have to take extremely good care of their health during and after pregnancy. The nutrition intake of the mother will affect the development of the child in the womb. 

Around 24% of babies worldwide are born with a low birth weight due to lack of proper nutrition during pregnancy. The demand for nutrition increases during the course of a pregnancy and insufficient nutrition can have long-term and short-term effects on the developing fetus in the womb. In order to avoid complications, it is important to ensure that balanced nutrition is maintained through dietary or supplements (under the advice of the doctor). Here are a few deficiencies that most pregnant women face and should keep a look out for.

Common Deficiencies Among Pregnant Women 


This is the most used mineral in the body. It is used to make hemoglobin (a protein in the red blood cells that carries oxygen to your tissues). Pregnancy increases the volume of blood present in the body in order to accommodate the changes within the body as well as help the developing baby create its own blood supply. Iron deficiencies can lead to the onset of auditory nervous system development, making it difficult to comprehend sound. 


This a very important mineral for making bones stronger. Your developing baby requires calcium for the development of strong teeth. It ensures that your nervous system, muscles the and circulation are at its peak. Research suggests that calcium deficiency in mothers can lead to the development of high blood pressure in the newborn. 

 Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays an extremely important role in the development of the baby’s bones and teeth. A lack or deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to abnormal bone growth, fractures, or rickets in newborns. The best intake of Vitamin D is through fatty fish. 


One essential mineral that plays an impact role in all stages of pregnancy is zinc. It is easily found in beef, crabmeat, fortified cereals, nuts and beans. Research suggests the inadequate levels of zinc can lead to miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy. This mineral also plays an important role in the construction of the babies DNA. 


Idoine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones. During pregnancy, thyroid hormone production increases by 50%. A deficiency in Iodine during pregnancy lead to decreased intellect in children.

DHA/Omega-3 fatty acids

The omega-3 fatty acid that helps your baby’s brain development. It helps the baby gain a better attention span and a greater learning capacity. A deficiency if the same can lead to low birth weight and make the mother more susceptible to maternal depression after pregnancy.

The most important thing for pregnant women to keep in mind is to always consult a  Gynaecologist Specialist. Fortis Malar is known to be one of the Best Gynecology Hospitals in Chennai. With the most experienced specialists and state-of-the-art facilities, the health of the mother and the baby are in safe hands.

 These vitamins and minerals are primary requirements of a pregnant mother’s diet. There are many more vitamins and minerals that mothers need to intake in order to ensure that their baby is developing in a healthy manner

8 tips to keep your kidneys clean as a whistle

Kidneys are our body’s filter plants. They work hard every day to cleanse our bodies of toxins and wastes. Shaped like the beans and situated on each side of the backbone deep in the abdominal area, kidneys are one of the vital organs responsible for keeping us healthy.

Every hour a kidney can filter two gallons of blood, and our entire body’s blood circulates through the kidneys 12 times every hour.

Kidneys play many vital roles but the main functions include removing the toxins and excess water from the blood, helping in controlling the blood pressure and producing red blood cells to keep the bones healthy. 

Why should we take care of your kidneys?

Many kidney diseases are called silent killers and people find out about them after they’ve already started affecting the health. It’s a good habit to make a daily routine that helps in taking care of the kidneys and keeping them fit and disease free.

Let’s take a look at 8 such tips to keep kidneys healthy

Tip 1 – Active Lifestyle and Exercising

Exercising, jogging or walking and stretching exercises help in reducing blood pressure and chronic kidney diseases caused by it.

Tip 2 – Extra care if there’s Diabetes too

Diabetes patients are more prone to developing kidney related diseases.  Damage caused to the kidneys can be reduced by keeping the blood sugar level in control, by eating healthy food and taking diabetes medicine. 

Blood test like Serum Creatinine and eGFR can be performed regularly from the best nephrology hospitals in your area to keep a check on kidney’s health.

 Tip 3 – Keeping the blood pressure in control

High Blood Pressure is directly linked with kidney damage. With an ever increasing population of patients with High Blood Pressure and Diabetes, who have to take medicine for a lifetime, it’s very important to take extra care of the kidneys through lifestyle and dietary changes, regular checkups and stress free life.

Tip 4 – Healthy bite with healthy diet

By eating healthy and less oily food, keeping a close watch on salt intake per day that does not exceed 5 to 6 grams, and keeping away from processed fast food by choosing healthier food options like cabbage, apple, garlic and onion etc, we can ensure out kidneys stay healthy.

Tip 5 – Taking in a lot of fluids

Kidneys filter our blood, and they need sufficient amount of water every day for doing that effectively. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water for proper flushing of toxins and helping the kidneys clear out sodium and urea. Patients with kidney stones are also advised to drink sufficient water to reduce the risk of forming new stones.  Also it’s important to keep in mind that over consumption of fluids may not be beneficial and is not recommended. 

 Tip 6 – Say no to smoking and drinking

Smoking is responsible for hardening of the blood vessels which increase blood pressure and also slow down the blood flow to the kidneys. This affects the proper functioning of kidney. Smoking can increase the chances of kidney cancer by 50%. Drinking alcohol also causes a lot of stress on kidneys and binge drinking can lead to acute kidney failure.

Tip 7 – Limit intake of Medicines and Pills

Many health conditions require us to take medicines for long periods of time. Pain killers if taken for long durations can cause kidney damage. It is always wise to consult a doctor to know the long termed effects of medicines on your kidney and tips to reduce them.

Tip 8 – Lifestyle changes

Patients with diabetes, hypertension and obesity should take life altering decisions that show long termed benefit for the kidneys. Every day habits and regular checkups are the best way to keep your kidneys fit.

Comprehensive Cardiac treatment by experts

Heart attack kills one person in every 3 seconds in India, while the nation bears the burden of two million heart attacks every year. The picture is not that pretty for the coming future as lifestyle changes, stress and neglect for physical fitness will account for a surge in patients with heart related problems.

Comprehensive Cardiac Treatment

Thankfully, India is a hub for comprehensive cardiac treatment and surgery related to numerous heart conditions too. Every year international and local heart patients check into many reputed cardiac surgery hospitals for treatment of different heart diseases like congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, valve blockage and disease, atrial fibrillation, Myocardial infarction and bypass surgery. 

Putting up their best to cope with the ever increasing inbound heart patients, Cardiac surgery hospitals like Fortis Malar are equipped with state of the art diagnostic solutions like Electrocardiogram (ECG), Echocardiogram, Cardiac Computerized Tomography or CT Scan, MRI as well as modern operation theatres and Emergency wards with highly experienced Cardiac Surgery Specialists and patient friendly staff.

Comprehensive Treatment options

Providing world class care with a wide range of treatment options like acute coronary syndrome treatment, coronary bypass graft surgery, cardiac valve replacement and repair procedures, eletrophysiology and heart device implants, in hospital Cardiac arrest prevention and resuscitation etc. the patients are given utmost care, information and counselling along with induction in cardiac rehabilitation, disease management and lifestyle changes to live a quality life post treatment

Patient friendly Modern Surgical Procedures 

Until recently, patients had to bear slow recovery, infections, extreme discomfort and substantial costs while undergoing cardiac surgery. But by the introduction of minimally invasive heart surgery in many hospitals in India, the treatment has become more affordable with shorter recovery time minimizing hospital bed expenses.

Minimal invasive surgery is done for many heart conditions. The technique only requires a small incision on the anterior chest wall which leaves no major incision scar. Surgeons don’t have to cut the breastbone as they operate through between the ribs which is less painful, causes less blood loss and in minimally invasive to the surrounding tissue.

With advances like using robotic arms for surgical assistance and higher proficiency in skilled doctors performing minimal cardiac surgery, people are able to avail the best and state of the art treatment options at reputed cardiac hospitals and hope for better treatment outcomes in India itself. 

India is poised to represent itself as world class comprehensive cardiac treatment destination offering affordable and modern cardiac treatment options.  The hope for better cardiac care must be fortified with public awareness and cardiac disease prevention initiatives as well as early diagnosing of critical heart conditions. Cardiac institutes like Fortis Malar are trusted by thousands of heart patients in India and abroad for quality heart treatment and care. 

Comprehensive Cardiac treatment by experts 

Why do You Need a Urologist?

The world we live in today presents ample choices and varieties in terms of what to consume. As important as the intake of food is, it is important that all the remains and unwanted elements are expelled out from our body as they could be harmful to health. Urology is that field of medicine which entails looking at the health of the urinary system.

This includes the urinary tract (bladder, urethra, ureters, kidneys adrenal glands, fertility, and sexual dysfunction. A urologist also treats the male reproductive system.

According to recent statistics, nearly 10% of the population suffers from chronic kidney disease. It is estimated that 24 million people suffer from urinary incontinence. One in every five couples who face difficulty conceiving can be a case of male infertility. Here are a few signs and symptoms that mean it’s time to have a quick visit the  Best Urologist

What to look out for?

  •  If you’ve noticed blood in your urine, then this a sign that there is something wrong. It is often a symptom of urinary tract infection (UTI) or kidney stones which should be treated immediately before it can create chronic problems.
  • Bladder control is yet another major sign. Many people have experiences pain while urinating, leakage of urine, frequent need to urinate, loss of urine when you put pressure on the bladder. Women are twice as likely to develop these problems than men. To get an accurate diagnosis of the problem it’s best to consult a urologist as soon as possible.
  •  Many married couples who face difficulty in conceiving a child should also try visiting a urologist as well. Since in male’s the urethra is also responsible for transporting the semen, in the case of male infertility only a urologist can make the best diagnosis. Male infertility also includes low sperm count, sperm abnormalities or blockages that prevent the sperms’ delivery.

A urologist also treats cancers that are likely to occur on the bladder, kidneys, testicles, adrenal and prostate gland. Most people overlook any problems with regard to urology primarily due to embarrassment or shame.

Fortis Malar is one of most reputed and distinguish Multi Speciality Hospital in Chennai. Presenting some of the best urologist doctors in Chennai, Fortis Malar has been known to have one of the best Urology Surgery Specialist in Chennai. 

It’s not a matter or shame to visit a Urologist. The kidney, bladder, and urinary tract are vital organs of the body that also should be treated if you face any problems. A healthy body intern leads to a happier and prosperous life. 

Heart Disease in Children

Your heart plays a vital role in your overall body functioning. Belonging to an era that offers convenience and unhealthy food, people often neglect taking care of their hearts. This neglect often develops in the form of heart diseases, prevalent in adults and children. While it’s common to hear about heart conditions developing in adults over time, children in many cases are born with heart diseases as well.

Nearly 15,000 heart surgeries are conducted on children in India every year but this is nowhere close to the number of children who are diagnosed with heart diseases

Let’s take a closer look:

A child could suffer from Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). These are basically problems that affect the structure of the heart, which are present from birth. Nearly 180,000 children in India are said to be born with Congenital Heart Defects every year. About 60,000-90,000 children would require early interventions due to its severity.

Apart from CDH, another prevalent heart disease to keep in mind is Rheumatic Heart Disease. Around 325000 children are diagnosed with this disease while 18 million people live with it throughout the world. It follows after rheumatic fever, typically characterized by permeant damage to the heart vessel. This disease develops more commonly in children between the ages of 5-15 in most cases. It does not end here.

Kawasaki disease or syndrome is another common illness that affects children. It is typically characterized by inflammation in the blood vessels. This illness is also said to affect the heart and is commonly found in children below the age of five. It’s quite uncommon to be diagnosed with this illness after the age of five. The cause for this illness still remains unidentified.

Factors for heart disease in children

Each heart disease has its own cause and factors. If we look at Congenital Heart Disease, the defect develops during the gestation period. During pregnancy, if there had been an intake of alcohol, medication or tobacco it can cause the development of the defect. Sometimes the defect can develop due to hereditary causes.

In the case of Rheumatic Heart Disease, it is caused by the Streptococcus pyrogens which is a type of bacteria. This another leading cause for the development of heart disease amongst children. Sometimes certain infections can cause complications to the child’s heart.

To look at another cause that increases the prevalence of acquiring a heart disease, childhood obesity can attribute as a factor for heart attack in older children and adolescents. Some symptoms to keep on a look out for are shortness of breath, fatigue, difficulty feeding etc. It’s not always linked to heart disease but it’s better to be aware.

We, FortisMalar is are dedicated to providing the best healthcare possible with our state-of-the-art facilities. Popularly known as one of the best Pediatrics Hospital in Chennai in India we are equipped to provide few of the best heart surgery doctor at Fortis Malar.

Heart disease is an epidemic that is faced by many people and by many children as well. It is always best to think twice and take care of your heart to be able to live a long, happy and content life.

Are you looking for the best heart surgery hospital In Chennai?


In India, a person loses his life to heart attack every thirty three seconds. India is registering over two million heart attacks a year with men living in cities three times more prone to a heart attack than men living in rural parts.

Thankfully, India is a hub for world-class treatment and surgery related to hearth conditions too. Every year international and local heart patients check into many reputed cardiac institutes in Chennai for treatment of different heart diseases like congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, valve blockage and disease, atrial fibrillation, Myocardial infarction and bypass surgery.

Advancements in Cardiac treatment

Recent years have seen great advancements in heart surgery and treatment. Earlier patients had to bear slow recovery, infections, extreme discomfort and substantial costs while undergoing cardiac surgery. But by the introduction of minimally invasive heart surgery in the best heart surgery hospitals in Chennai, patients can expect a lot to change while visiting a Cardiac Surgery Hospital.

Robotic assistance in performing high precision surgical procedures with minimal invasive technique has improved post operation recovery and results, while reducing hospital bed time and related medical expenses.

Heart diseases treated by the best heart surgery doctors in Chennai are:

Congenital Heart Disease:

Treatment for structural defects in heart at birth also known as Congential Heart Disease. Complex heart defects during birth need medical intervention right away to save lives.

Surgical procedures for CHD:

  • Anatomical repair for Ebstein’s anomaly
  • Septation of single ventricle with double-patch procedure
  • Surgical treatment of double-outlet right ventricle with pulmonary artery hypertension
  • Advanced repair materials

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease is a high risk heart disorder and a leading cause of deaths in


Surgical Procedures for Coronary Artery Disease:

  • Minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass grafting
  • Percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI)
  • Hybrid MIDCAB approach

Aortic Stenosis

Aortic Stenosis is one of the most common and most serious valve disease problems caused by narrowing of the left ventricle of the heart. Procedures for cure are

  • Implantation techniques of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR)
  • Novel aortic valve prosthesis

Mitral Regurgitation

Mitral Valve Regurgitation (MR) is a common valvular heart disease caused by left ventricular dysfunction. It is frequent among aged patients and requires a surgical procedure for treatment.

  • Leaflet procedures
  • Annuloplasty procedures
  • Paravalvular leak closure
  • Mitral valve implantation

Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation also commonly known as the irregularly beating heart is more associated with aging people. A treat for AF is a must as it can cause to stroke to the patient. Treatment by surgery is the best option for Atrial Fibrillation.

  • Hybrid surgery
  • Surgical treatment


Expert heart specialists, state of the art technology and patient friendly staff from cardiac institutes in the city are key factors that have made Chennai, a preferred destination for patients with conditions related to the heart.

Cardiac Surgery adding to patients advantage


The first picture that comes to mind when you think cardiac surgery is of an open chest cavity with a beating heart. Perhaps the greatest barrier to affordable heart surgery is the highly invasive technique used for accessing the heart to perform surgery.

Until recently, patients had to bear slow recovery, infections, extreme discomfort and substantial costs while undergoing cardiac surgery. But by the introduction of minimally invasive heart surgery in many hospitals in India, patients can expect a lot to change while visiting a Cardiac Surgery Hospital.

Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Minimal invasive surgery is done for many heart conditions. The technique only requires a small incision on the anterior chest wall which leaves no major incision scar. Surgeons don’t have to cut the breastbone as they operate through between the ribs which is less painful, causes less blood loss and in minimally invasive to the surrounding tissue.

Like in open heart surgery, the minimally invasive heart procedure may also require stopping the heart and bypassing the blood flow using heart lung bypass machine. This type of surgery is more preferred by surgeons as certain parts of the heart can be better accessed using it.

Advantages of Minimal Invasive Surgery

With advancements and newer techniques the cost of heart surgery in India has drastically come down along with less recovery time in ICU and hospital wards and an overall control over the comprehensive costs associated with a surgery. Many cardiac surgeons and heart facilities have started doing this procedure on a regular basis in their hospitals.

Many heart related ailments can be treated with minimally invasive heart surgery. Some of them are Mitral valve repair and replacement, Aortic valve replacement, Tricuspid valve repair and replacement, Atrioventricular septal defect surgery, Coronary artery bypass surgery and Saphenous vein harvest for coronary artery bypass surgery. However the best treatment option for the patients is evaluated on many parameters and not everyone is a candidate for minimal invasive heart surgery.

The Future of Minimal Invasive Surgery

There are many reasons why minimal invasive surgery is getting popularity amongst cardiac specialists and the reasons are similar to the reasons observed in other surgeries. Quick healing time, reduced post operative discomfort & recovery time, minimal risk of surgery related complications and higher success rate offer opportunities for both doctors and patients to reconsider open heart surgery.

With advances like using robotic arms for surgical assistance and higher proficiency in skilled doctors performing minimal cardiac surgery, people are able to avail the best and state of the art treatment options at reputed cardiac hospitals and hope for better treatment outcomes in India itself.


While the hope for better cardiac care within India is a very much achievable with the newer surgery techniques and procedures, the affordability factor may play a crucial role with many cardiac care facilities adopting the latest in technology and staffing super specialized doctors to perform these by best cardiologist in chennai.

Exercise Tips Post Heart Surgery

The Heart, despite being a popular symbol for love and romance, is also often regarded as one of the most hard-working, functional organs of the body. It is also the organ that remains most affected by unhealthy practices. yet it is often disregarded until it starts failing to perform.

A patient recovering from heart surgery would often take about 6-8 weeks to recover from the surgery. This is a time of physical and emotional distress for the patient, which would require them to follow a strict regime set by the physicians. Hospitals generally do prescribe an exercise regimen for their patients to follow post heart surgery tips from best doctor for heart surgery.

Exercise Tips Post Heart Surgery

Exercising Kick –Knack

It is very important that post heart surgery, the heart is not overstressed but at the same time remains in good working condition. This is only plausible through daily exercises that will help keep the heart in top shape. Most often hospitals do recommend certain exercises, but there are minor exercises that should be followed regardless. Keep in mind that a 30-40 minute workout is vital, but the stamina for the same should be built over time. Remember to have a light warm-up session before you start.

Walking is regarded as the best form of exercise. Start slow and gradually build stamina and speed to a pace that is not accompanied by the feeling of breathlessness. Start walking for about 10 minutes and with each passing day add an extra minute. Eventually, this will allow you to reach your daily workout quota of 30-40 minutes.

Stretching is also another form of exercise that should be given a try. Sit in an upright position on a firm chair, try stretching one arm towards the ceiling and then bring it back down, this can be repeated for the other arm as well. Try doing this four or five times. Similarly, sit in an upright position on a firm chair, ensuring that your knees and hips are facing forward.

Using a treadmill or a bicycle is an ideal form of exercising post-surgery. For those who can’t walk, fret not! There are some exercises that can be performed on the spot.

  • You can march briskly on the spot while swinging your hands.
  • While sitting on a chair, gently raise your body on the toes using the strength of your arms.
  • Sit firmly on a chair, lean forward, stand up and then sit back down.

Don’t let your Heart stress!

While it is important to exercise, there are certain precautions that need to be kept in mind. If at any point there is a feeling of breathless or chest pain, stop immediately and take a break. Avoid exercising after a meal or if unwell. It is also advised not to lift or pull anything heavy. Be aware and careful about the surgical wound and avoid activities that may cause complications to it. Always remember to contact your hospital and physician before you start exercising or if you feel discomfort.

But, most importantly, remember that you have been given the chance to live life as close to normal as possible! Millions of heart surgery patients around the world run, walk, exercise and live life to the fullest. Remember to enjoy your new lease on life!

Brain Tumor symptoms you shouldn’t ignore

Often people joke around a headache saying “hope it’s not a brain tumor”. However light the intention may be, a surprising majority of people have little to no idea about the symptoms of a brain tumor

brain tumor surgery in chennaiThere are several written accounts of patients going through stress and anxiety around the general misconception and lack of information on the topic. As brain tumors are neither visible nor always painful, it’s of prime importance to know about the symptoms that may point towards a brain tumor.

Doctors say Brain tumor symptoms depend on multiple factors and not all patients experience similar sets of symptoms. However after a physical diagnosis of the patient’s sensory, cognitive and balance system, one is often advised a CT or MRI Scan to confirm the detection of a tumor.

One factor affecting the symptoms is the location of the tumor. Depending on its location in the brain, one may experience memory-related issues if the tumor is in the hippocampus, or feel clumsy and out of coordination if the tumor is located on the cerebellum. The size of the tumor may also affect the intensity and frequency of symptoms experienced.

Early detection of a brain tumor surgery  can substantially increase the success rate and efficacy of the treatment options and reduce the damage it will most likely cause to the brain.

Let’s look at the symptoms of a brain tumor everyone should always keep in mind.

Sensory changes

Some sensory changes experienced by brain tumor patients are so subtle, it’s easy to miss them. Yet some can be as intense as a seizure.

If the patient notices sudden changes in vision, feels their hearing power decrease or experiences unusual changes in taste, smell or feel, its best to keep track of these symptoms and note down the details of the symptom experience to cross check with symptoms seen by other patients.

Functional Changes

As for the senses, the same goes for cognitive skills. Patients may feel a drop in concentration level, ability to read and comprehend, or face difficulty in developing new cognitive skills etc.

The patients with such symptoms look healthy but may show cognitive deterioration that is misunderstood by peers as incompetency.

Memory changes

As mentioned earlier, a tumor located in the frontal lobe can seriously affect memory. Both short-term and long-term memory losses can be experienced by patients. Sometimes a patient may start a conversation and go completely blank. Patients with such symptoms need to consider a brain tumor as a reason, along with checking for a family history of Alzheimer’s.

Balance and Co-ordination changes

Many easy everyday tasks may look challenging. Frequent fumbling, loss of control of facial muscles, poorly coordinated body movements and a change in sense of balance are some of the symptoms experienced by tumor patients. Sometimes twitching and erratic movement of the body may feel like the body is not obeying the brain.

Pain-related symptoms

Sometimes a tumor may not hurt at all where it’s located, other times the pain may occur in different parts of the body linked to their functional location in the brain. Many brain tumor patients may not experience headaches at all


Brain tumors are hard to detect and hence right knowledge and awareness about the symptoms is a key to early detection. On early detection treatment options like brain tumor surgery can cure patients and save their lives.

 Brain tumor treatment at Fortis Malar

The Neurology Department at FortisMalar is lead by experienced senior surgeons, doctors and nursing staff utilizing stateof-the-art diagnosis and neuro imaging techniques to offer world-class brain tumor treatment with exceptional patient care.