Success Stories

Heart from Kochi beats in Chennai

Heart & Lungs Of 19-Year-Old Brought To City In 4 Hours, Transplanted In 24-Year-Old From Maharashtra. In an act that combined empathy , expertise and extreme coordination, the heart and lungs of a 19-year-old were flown from a Kochi hospital … View More »

Brain de-wired to give 7 year old Sai Rithish back his childhood

A team of specialists at Fortis Malar Hospital gave 7 year old Master Sai Rithish, a new lease of life. The child was suffering from Epilepsy from the age of one and a half years old and not responding to … View More »

Fortis Malar performs India’s Youngest Paedetric Heart transplant

Reflecting its commitment to saving and enriching lives beyond boundaries, the team of cardiac experts at Fortis Centre For Heart Failure & Transplant, Fortis Malar, Chennai led by Dr. K R Balakrishnan, Director Cardiac Sciences and Dr. Suresh Rao K … View More »

Rare surgery helps woman move sholuder

For four years, 78-year-old Shakuntala from Mumbai suffering unrelenting pain in her shoulder and could not move it even for daily activities. Despite visiting several physicians and undergoing physiotherapy, she could not find any relief. Tests and CT scans revealed … View More »

A rare tumor of the Trigeminal area successfully removed in a 42-year old Assamese

A rare tumor of the trigeminal area successfully removed in a 42 year old Assamese With over 50 million cases per year, in the United States alone, headaches top the list of the most common afflictions in humans.  More than … View More »

Healing Hearts beyond Boundaries : Successful Heart Transplant performed on a 40-year old Pakistani

40 year old Pakistani National undergoes complex heart transplant at the Centre of Excellence for Advanced Cardiac Care at Fortis Malar, Chennai. Key Highlights: 40 year old man with severely depressed heart function Pumping efficiency (Ejection Fraction) less than 15% … View More »

Micro Vascular Decompression surgery performed on woman suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia

Doctors at Fortis Malar Hospital were instrumental in giving Tirupati based 50 year old Shakuntalamma a new lease on life. She was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia -sudden usually unilateral severe brief stabbing recurrent pains in the distribution of one or … View More »

Stone-like materials chiseled away from man’s heart

Cardiac Surgeons at Fortis Malar Hospital  recently laid down their scalpels for chisels and hammers to mend the heart of a 53-year-old worker. The patient had three stone-like objects – one as large as a lemon. Two of them were … View More »

Saving a snake bite victim from the jaws of death using ECMO

In Another medical breakthrough, Fortis Malar Hospital managed to rescue a snake bite victim from the jaws of death, after the venom put his lungs to waste — they put him on an ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) machine so … View More »