Seniors First – FAQs

Seniors First – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Fortis SeniorsFirst?

Fortis SeniorsFirst is a unique initiative from Fortis Hospitals that gives the elderly a host of privileges and priority over others. All one needs is to be a part of the programme is to register for the SeniorsFirst Advantage Card.

Q: What are the services available under Fortis SeniorsFirst?

By signing up for Fortis SeniorsFirst, senior citizens are entitled to special services at Fortis Malar Hospital. These services include reserved seats in the outpatient department, priority to seniors in registration and billing counter, fast-tracked billing and admission, hourly visits by supervisors, a helpline number dedicated for the elderly, and an array of services. Members also receive special discounts on OPD consultation, Preventive Health Check Up, Inpatient room rent, and Outpatient labs.

Q: How can one avail Fortis SeniorsFirst services?

In order to avail Fortis Seniors First services, simply walk into Fortis Malar Hospitals, ask for a SeniorsFirst Registration Form and hand over the completed form at the reception or dedicated SeniorsFirst Desk located only at Fortis Malar hospital Adayar. You will then receive your welcome kit immediately after you register. You can also register online on or write at or call the dedicated SeniorsFirst Help Line at 8939831203/ 044 4289 2222.

Q: Who is eligible for the SeniorsFirst programme?

To be eligible for the SeniorsFirst programme, one must be above the age of 60.

Q: What is the membership fee for a Fortis SeniorsFirst Advantage Card and its validity?

The Fortis SeniorsFirst card is availed for free, and is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

Q: Where is the Fortis SeniorsFirst Advantage Card valid?

The Fortis SeniorsFirst Advantage Card is valid only at Fortis malar hospital- Chennai

Q: I’m a SeniorsFirst member. Can my family members and friends receive special benefits and priority services?

No, only registered SeniorsFirst members are eligible to special benefits and priority services. Fellow elderly family members and friends can register for the SeniorsFirst programme either at Fortis Hospitals or on on or write at to avail priority care.

Q: Can the Fortis SeniorsFirst Advantage Card be used for making payments?

No, the Fortis SeniorsFirst Advantage Card cannot be used to make payments. It is a membership card that entitles one to priority care and discounts on dedicated services.

Q: Can members call the dedicated SeniorsFirst Help Line in times of emergencies?

No, the dedicated SeniorsFirst Help Line does not cater to emergencies. One would have to call the dedicated Fortis Malar Hospitals emergency number – 044-4933 4933 in times of emergencies.

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