Golden Hour

60 Minutes make all the difference in a cardiac emergency

The first 60 minutes after a cardiac emergency is called The Golden Hour. It has been shown in clinical trials, that treatment within the first 60 minutes, improves survival following a cardiac emergency. The heart muscle starts to die within 80-90 minutes after it stops getting blood, and within six hours, almost all the affected parts of the heart could be irreversibly damaged.

What also matters is the quality of care. The better the emergency care, the better the chances of the patient’s survival.  We also know from clinical trials that early invasive intervention with angioplasty has got better outcomes compared to best medical therapy.  This means that rushing a patient to the nearest medical facility that is sufficiently backed with advanced Cardiac critical care such as highly skilled and fully staffed 24/7 cardiac catheter lab, dedicated Cardiac ICU and Coronary Care Unit should be the first option.