Heart Care – Cardiac Emergency Care

Many of us will find it incredulous if we are told that a person, who had come to get his broken leg’s plaster removed, died of a cardiac complication. But the truth is, this is a reality that many of us could be faced with. Most of us just have a vague idea about cardiac emergencies. All we know about heart diseases is heart attack because it is the commonest form of coronary artery disease. But there are a number of other cardiac emergencies that could be life threatening and we manage to do nothing in such cases, simply owing to a lack of awareness.

Heart Attack is not the only Cardiac Emergency

Cardiovascular emergencies, barring heart attack, are also life-threatening disorders that must be diagnosed quickly to avoid delay in treatment and to minimise morbidity and mortality. Patients may complain of chest pain, high blood pressure, abnormal heart beat, dizziness, shortness of breath or severe sweating.

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