Success Stories

Knee pain made me inactive for two years. Fortis took me back in time.
A successful total knee replacement surgery has given back Mrs. George her independence.

Bedridden for two years with severe arthritis in both her knees, 83-year-old Vasantha George was leading a confined life at her ancestral home in Kerala. Keenly interested in travel and gardening, she had also worked abroad as a teacher. When her helplessness and pain became unbearable, her son and grandchildren acted on a well-researched decision. At Fortis Malar, we greeted her with assurance and a thorough evaluation. Recommending Single Session Bilateral Total Knee Replacement, we removed her apprehensions by introducing her to recovering patients. Mrs. George was able to walk just two days after the operation. Now, she’s living the life she enjoyed a decade ago, travelling with her grandchildren and sleeping without pain.

Knee pain got me used to sleepless nights. Fortis took me back in time.
A successful total knee replacement surgery has rekindled Mrs. Selvarasu’s social life.

Plagued by acute knee pain stemming from obesity, Lakshmi Selvarasu’s existence was a far cry from the busy routine she was accustomed to. A social butterfly, the life of every gathering she attended, she also practiced Yoga and walked 5-6km every day. At the age of 63, after two years of intolerable pain, sleepless nights and missing her active lifestyle, the family doctor offered her a life-changing suggestion. She underwent Single Session Bilateral Total Knee Replacement, at Fortis Malar. Mrs. Selvarasu was able to walk with support in 3 days and independently within just 10 days of surgery. Back to her former self, she has returned to the circles she once frequented, and happily so.

Knee pain left me unable to walk straight. Fortis took me back in time.
A successful total knee replacement surgery has rid Mr. Venkataraman of his walking stick.

In his late forties, Mr. Venkataraman developed acute knee pain in both legs. By age 58, the pain had rendered him unable to walk straight or take more than a few steps at a time. An advocate with a private firm, he was once a lively person leading a healthy lifestyle, walking 2-3km every day and driving to work. After unsuccessfully resorting to Yoga and Ayurvedha to revive his prized routine, his orthopedic consultant recommended Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery at Fortis Malar. The severity of his condition required him to undergo the procedure immediately. Barely 24 hours later, Mr. Venkataraman took his first steps with support. In a month, he was back to his daily morning strolls, wearing a smile that has remained with him for over six years now.