Complex Surgery for Fibroids

Performed by Dr. Nithya Ramamurthy

31yrs female, 4 yrs of married life, with c/o irregular periods and lower abdominal pain, unable to conceive , approached us for evaluation; investigations revealed fundal fibroid of 5×5 cms and right Ovarian Cyst, 10X12 cms, left ovary polycystic, advised laparoscopy & Cystectomy. 

Intra op findings – subserous fundal fibroid, 5x4cms noted and myomectomy done

Large Right Ovarian cyst, 10x12cms noted, Punctured Clear serous fluid drained & Cyst wall excised. Right Ovary preserved. chromopertubation done & B/L spill noted from both tubes

Left Ovary polycystic drilling done. 

MRI had shown ? Dermoid cyst, but pathology revealed mucinous cystadenoma. Post op period uneventful. 

Pt has improved symptomatically post-surgery and is currently planning pregnancy under the treatment of Dr Nithya. 

Before Surgery:

After Surgery: