Fortis Malar Team under supervision of Dr. K R Balakrishnan successfully conducts Charitable Paed. Cardiac Surgery Mission in Palestine.

“Fortis Malar Hospital, under the supervision of Dr. K R Balakrishnan along with 9 other clinical team members consisting of 1 Paed. Cardiac Surgeon(Dr. Ganapathy Krishnan), 1 Paed. Cardiologist Dr. V K Swami), 1 Chief Cardiac Care Anesthetist (Dr. Suresh Rao), 1 Assistant Anesthetist(Dr. Ram Subramanian), 1 Perfusionist (Mr. Raju), 1 OT technician(Mr. Alwin), 3 cardiac care staff nurse(Ms. Darthi Josephine, Mr. Menial V, Mr. Malayappan were invited by the MOH Palestine for a free and charitable Paed. Cardiac Surgical Camp to operate on Palestinian Kids from different part of the Occupied West Bank and war affected zone Gaza Strip.

There were total 50 cases screened in the OPD out of which 8 complicated Paed. Cardiac cases were taken up for surgery & got operated during the mission. 2 of the procedures were done first time in the country by Prof. K R Balakrishnan and Team.

This was the first ever surgical mission done in Palestine by any Indian hospital and the same was fully supervised by the Indian Embassy in Palestine.

The Ministry of Heath of Palestine along with senior officials from Government hospitals Greeted & Thanked Dr. K R Balakrishnan and his team for their work in Palestine & their vision to improve country’s healthcare.