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Understanding cholesterol and cardiac diseases
  • Sep 10

Understanding Cholesterol & Heart Disease

Is Cholesterol good or bad? There is a misconception among people that Cholesterols are bad. Here are the facts that will surprise you!

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LVAD Device for heart care
  • Sep 13

Left Ventricular Assist Device: Procedure, Benefits And Recovery

LVAD can significantly improve and lower symptoms like shortness of breath, fluid accumulation, and fatigue.

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heart transplant prevention and symptoms
  • Jun 27

Heart Transplant Rejection: Causes, Symptoms And Prevention

Major symptoms of a heart Failure can be severe fatigue, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, fluid accumulation in feet and ankles and hands etc.

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Exercise Tips Post Heart Surgery
  • Jul 20

Exercise Tips Post Heart Surgery

It is very important that post heart surgery, the heart is not overstressed but at the same time remains in good working condition.

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  • Jul 21

Cardiac Surgery Adding To Patients Advantage

Minimal invasive surgery technique only requires a small incision on the anterior chest wall which leaves no major incision scar, less painful and causes less blood loss.

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Best Heart Surgery Hospital In Chennai
  • Jul 22

Are You Looking For The Best Heart Surgery Hospital In Chennai?

Robotic assistance in performing high precision surgical procedures with minimal invasive technique has improved post-operation recovery and results while reducing hospital bed time and related medical expenses.

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heart diseases in children
  • Jul 23

Heart Disease In Children

Nearly 15,000 heart surgeries are conducted on children in India every year but this is nowhere close to the number of children who are diagnosed with heart diseases

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  • Jul 25

Comprehensive Cardiac Treatment By Experts

Heart attack kills one person in every 3 seconds in India, while the nation bears the burden of two million heart attacks every year.

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