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6 Common Myths About Pregnancy
  • Aug 23

Myth No.1: Pregnant women should eat for two.

The Fact is: There is no evidence to show that pregnant women needs to eat for two. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is important.

Myth No.2: Taking Iron tablets will darken the skin of the baby.

The Fact is: Complexion of the baby is genetically inherited and it is not influenced by Iron tablets or any other food items.

Myth No.3: Fetal heart rate and sex of the baby are correlated.

The Fact is: Fetal heart rate has no correlation with the gender of the baby. Baby’s heart rate varies in each pregnancy checkup and it depends on the age of the fetus and activity at that time.

Myth No.4: Cord around the baby’s neck indicates Caesarean delivery.

The Fact is: Baby with the cord looped around the neck can be delivered normally provided its parameters are normal during labor.

Myth No.5: During pregnancy mother always has a perfect glow.

The Fact is: Not always. Hyper pigmentation, greasy skin and fatigue can be due to hormonal changes.

Myth No.6: Exercise during pregnancy can harm the baby.

The Fact is: Gentle exercise during pregnancy is safe and healthy.