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Vaginal Birth After C-section
  • Aug 12

What is VBAC?

Women who had a Caesarean section in their previous pregnancy need not always undergo Caesarean section in subsequent pregnancy. They can have a Trial Of Labour After C-section (TOLAC) and try for vaginal birth.

Is VBAC considered an option for everyone?

It depends on the reason for the previous C-section, type of incision on the uterus, associated medical complications, problems in current pregnancy. Though it is not an option for everyone, women can always discuss with their doctor whether they can try for vaginal birth.

What are the advantages of VBAC?

Quick recovery, lower risk of surgical complications, more chance of having normal delivery in future pregnancy.

What are the disadvantages of VBAC?

VBAC may not be always successful. After trial of labour, they may need emergency C-section. There is a risk of scar giving away during labour. They need close monitoring during labour.

What are the chances of successful VBAC?

The chances are more if they have spontaneous labour. Having labour induced or augmented decreases the chance and increases the risk, but not contraindicated.

How to plan VBAC?

Discuss with doctor about the option of VBAC. Learn about VBAC. Plan to deliver in a well equipped hospital which can handle emergencies.