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Leading Pediatricians & Child Specialists in Chennai

Dr. Karpaga Vinayagam
Dr. Karpaga Vinayagam
Consultant Paediatrics Surgeon
Fortis Malar Hospital, Adyar

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Dr. Benny Benjamin
Dr. Benny Benjamin
Consultant Pediatrician
Fortis Malar Hospital, Adyar

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Dr. G Prabhakaran
Dr. G Prabhakaran
Consultant Pediatrician & Neonatologist
Fortis Malar Hospital, Adyar

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Fortis Malar - Expert Paediatricians in Chennai


The specialists at the Department of Paediatrics offer their comprehensive service to treat and manage various health issues faced by the children who can be Newborns or Neonates, Toddlers, Teenagers or Adolescents.

Children are a vital part of society and need to be given the right medical care at the right time. They can fall prey to mild or serious diseases at any time due to their weekend immunity.

Unlike adults, they need special attention even for mild problems. It is during this time, their energy level and potential sees a sudden drop. This puts parents also under a lot of stress.

To regain the lost potential and bring back the normal functioning of the children, the parents can get help from the best Paediatricians and Child Specialists at Fortis, Chennai.

When consulted, our energetic doctors offer transparent discussions regarding the health of the children and prescribe the necessary treatment.

They also make sure that the parents are completely aware of their child's medical condition and also the recommended treatment plan, before beginning the treatment.

With a strong emphasis on comprehensive paediatric care, our doctors offer their service in General Paediatrics, Growth and Development monitoring, Nutritional advice, Immunization, and many more.

As every child faces a different and unique challenge, our experts fine tune themselves to offer individualised treatment that best suits the child’s needs.

Having received rigorous training, they can carry out any complex procedure for any complicated case they are presented with.

Our Paediatricians are committed to their core ideology of enhanced patient experience. They also transmit this belief to all the nurses and medical staff and make them clear about the WHY of their existence.

With their unwavering dedication, they strictly adhere to the protocols and ethical practices which help to ensure child safety and parent satisfaction.

As a team, they have taken all the necessary steps to provide patient-centric care through a personalised approach that is at par with international standards.

Leading Child Specialists in Chennai


The diseases with which children are affected not only limited to cold and cough but also a number of infectious diseases, genetic problems and other serious disorders.

Our child specialists are proficient in dealing with all these diseases by finding the exact cause of it. Sometimes for treating serious illness in a few children, many specialists from various disciplines work together to provide holistic care.

The department also encompasses several subspecialties from Pain Medicine to Neurocritical care to relieve children from any form of health deterioration.

It is the ability of our doctors to integrate their experience and expertise for creating a perfect treatment plan that has made them the best child specialists in Chennai.

The improvement in the health condition of the children not only depends on the doctors but also on the caretakers.

So besides medications, our expert paediatricians, who are the source of medical information and support, offer their valuable advice and guidance to the caretakers in handling the ill children.

CARE and TRUST are the two powerful components upheld by our doctors which fortify the standards of the department. Along with our doctors, caring nurses are always around the corner to offer their service with a warm personal touch at any time.

As children have weakened immunity levels, the possibilities of cross-infections are higher. To avoid this, the Department of Paediatrics maintains a completely hygienic and sterile environment with a high degree of cleanliness.

They also maintain baby friendly facilities to keep the children comfortable at all times during their visit to the clinic.

Having extensive experience in the healthcare industry, our Paediatricians specialise in a variety of childhood ailments. They identify the onset of any deadly diseases at the nascent stage and proactively safeguard the children from further harm.

They are also renowned for excellence in treating complex clinical conditions. A unique blend of innovation and dedication helps them to offer ground-breaking care and treatment to the children who come through their department doors.

They don’t limit their service to just cure the illness but go the extra mile to prevent them in the future.

Leading the field with innovation


At Fortis, the Department of Paediatrics has been equipped with the latest and top-notch facilities to handle all types of medical needs of the children.

Apart from this, our dynamic and innovative Paediatricians and Child specialists take up research activities and offer their outstanding contributions to develop new technologies.

This helps them to understand the changing disease patterns and bring fruitful outcomes in challenging situations.

Emergency needs for children are not time-bound but can arise at any time, so our dedicated Paediatricians with emergency response team render their service round the clock ensuring immediate attention to them.

At Fortis, our expert Paediatricians and child specialists offer the best possible child health care solutions which are absolutely crucial for the active development of the young ones.