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A narrative of  Determination, Grit, Belief and Resilience – Overcoming the fear of the Unknown

I  was leading a healthy life with an inclination towards sports and doing well and being progressive in my profession. In 2011 [31 years], things came crashing down when I was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Tachycardia and LBBB. The left ventricle, the heart's main pumping chamber, weakened and couldn't pump blood effectively. The LVEF [Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction) had reached less than 20 (healthy EF is in range of 50-75) and doctors had given up all hopes on his survival. In March 2012, CRT- Defibrillator was implanted to just manage the condition and was more of a sustainable medical intervention. Since then life had been a continuous struggle to carry out daily basic activities/functions.


Over the last few years, the CRT-D device had been replaced once; stem cell infusion had been tried. But overall it had been a downhill journey with the condition not improving and continuous lowering of body weight was making things difficult. Last year I was admitted 4 times for cardiac management and retention due to repetitive congestive heart failures, clearly indicating a losing battle and fight against time. Earlier, in February 2018, I was recommended a Heart Transplant as my only hope to survive.


As one looks back, it was May-2018 when I received the call for the gift of life – A New Heart in Chennai and the Heart Transplant Procedure started as scheduled. Before being taken to the OT, I looked back to my father and wife and said to be chilled out and I would be back again from the OT.


It feels invigorating and nostalgic as I look back to my journey. It was the unbelievable team at Fortis Malar Hospital which reinstilled the confidence, the belief that yes a normal life is there to live. Today I feel so pulsating and amazing to relive those moments from taking my first walk in the ICU to be able to walk 5 km daily (Post 5 months of Transplant) to being able to participate in 5K Marathons after 8 Months of Tx. It has helped me in strengthening the adventure spirit with driving almost 600 Kms in a day to be able to picture beside the Statue of Unity

I would like to thank the phenomenal team at Fortis Malar, Chennai especially Dr. KR Balakrishnan and Dr. Suresh Rao, the greatest healer during that period of hospitalization is the contagious smile of Dr. Rao with wishing Good Morning makes the day for any patient. The kind of work that is executed in saving human lives and giving back so much to families. Express my gratitude to Dr Babu, Dr. Murali, Dr Ajay, Dr Veena, Dr Vidya, Suresh Brother and Solomon brother and the nursing heads too. The humbleness and devotion are extraordinary. The patient briefings daily by Dr Rao and team is something never experienced or heard as I had been to almost all major hospitals in the country.


A special mention to the nursing staff at Fortis and the shared services staff for the care extended to patients and families of patients. The kind of work that Aishwarya Trust / Foundation and Mr OP Khanna and Rotary Bangalore, Mr  Ghanshyam Agarwal( Bangalore) are doing is commendable by supporting families. Kudos to the caregiving and sharing the attitude that they possess. Above all the greatest of all, the donor family, without whom this 2nd innings wouldn’t have been possible. Respect for them and the moment of truth for us.


My sincere advice to people post-transplant is: Take medications on time, value life, maintain hygiene, eat healthy and cooked food and inform your medical team in case of any slight deviation in health.